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Welcome to the Gradient Games

The Gradient Games is a new form of cycling motivation. Regular games with real rewards that favour the active rider.
Ride more to earn points and increase your odds of winning.

Beta Testing is currently underway. Join below!

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Step 1

Enter a game

Players enter a game using game credits.For every rider that joins, the prize value is increased.

Step 2


Collect game points for every kilometer you ride and meter you ascend. Submit activities by uploading them to Strava and we take care of the restThe more points you have, the better your odds of winning

Step 3

Game Over.

When the game ends, a winner is selected at random, with their chances dictated by their points haul. The winner take home the prize money.Also, the top 40% of points scorers are rewarded with a refund of their game credits, for use in another game.

Let's get the world moving

Our aim at TGG is to incentivise movement through friendly competition and financial reward. We believe that a healthier society is a happier society, so let's get the world moving.Get in touch using the form below.

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